double chin

Double Chin (also called as turkey neck) is – the loose sagging skin and fat around necks creates a wrinkle, which make the person appearance as having the second chin. It is more visible when the head is tilted downwards. It can occur at any face and at any age, but most commonly to people who are elderly or obese or under the jawline that suggests both age and heaviness – can happen on any face. The problem is worse as it is the area where anyone has found a way to exercise; this is mainly because there are no muscles to tone below the chin. Exercise,Diets cannot usually help because unlike fat which is accumulated on other parts of the body, double-chins donot occur from being overweight. However the advancement in the technology has helped us to get rid of double chin. It has allowed targeted treatment of the chin area like never before.


Treatment Results:

Disclaimer: Results may vary from person to person

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