Eyelift Procedure (Blepharoplasty)

Our eyes are called “the mirror to the soul”. Forming an integral part of our facial expressions, they often reveal more about our thoughts and emotions than we realize. With age, the soft tissue in the eyes starts sagging or bunching up, making us look tired, sad, or apathetic. The aging process also causes the eyelid skin to lose much of its elasticity, creating an appearance of excess skin, bags under the eyes, and bulging in the upper and lower eyelids. The eyebrows sometimes droop over the eye, worsening the problem.

Upper and lower eyelidlift or blepharoplasties can help restore a more youthful appearance by tightening droopy or hooded eyelids and removing or moving fatty pouches beneath the eyes.


Treatment Results:

Disclaimer: Results may vary from person to person

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